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We like The Way to Happiness booklet because the way we work with children around here is to recognize that they seem to be in the dark about how to handle life. They need real direction, so we try to provide the lantern that lights up the road for them.

The Way to Happiness booklet has the true ingredients for this. It provides moral support, common sense, the real basic things these children need to know to avoid trouble and it is not so lengthy that they can’t get through it.

The mother I gave the booklet to told me it helped her to phrase what she had always wanted to tell her children but couldn’t find the words for. She said, “This booklet refreshes the things I have always known. Things I felt I myself or someone ought to write a book on so our children could know them. That won’t be necessary now that we have The Way to Happiness booklets.”

Everyone we give booklets to expresses their appreciation. Teachers, parents, clergy and the citizens here have all wanted extra copies for their friends so they have joined us in efforts to get the booklet into the hands of every parent in the area. We already have requests for over 25,000 copies.

Director, Parents of Watts


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