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I had to send my daughter to a state school in Holland. After one year at school she had to wear glasses, started to stutter and had a lot of trouble with her math. Even though I was helping her at home, the problems became worse and she became very unhappy.

My son also went to the same school and he became very withdrawn and quiet. His teacher told me he was deaf (reason for being quiet) and he had an underlying psychological problem. Well, he had been a very lively child up until then and not deaf — I can assure you of that!

We decided to move and bring our children to Greenfields School which uses L. Ron Hubbard’s study technology in all its classes. Even though there was a language barrier they both felt much happier at their new school.

Within no time my son was a happy, very lively boy again and all the signs of his “problems” were gone, and he could still hear very well.

My daughter’s problem with math came down to not knowing the three barriers to study and how to handle them. She actually loves math now and her stuttering completely disappeared. The use of study technology has saved my children’s school life without a doubt!



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