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Before entering this program [Criminon] I didn’t know what success was. I didn’t even know the tremendous feeling of self-assurance you adopt from this program. I can now honestly say that the works of L. Ron Hubbard are very inspiring. They have taught me the value of hard work and self-awareness.

Others around me have noticed the change in my whole being. My attitude, my patience, my ability to deal with hostile situations with calm assurances, this is something I never had or was able to do. But with what I have learned on this program I have attained those characteristics and more.

I feel in control of my life, and although I am presently a guest of the state (prisoner) in a correction facility, I never felt more free in my life!!

I know when I am released I can truly be happy and prosper in society because I no longer have a destructive nature. Rather I have come to learn of a productive and positive way to go about life thus making my survival and those around me safe with room to grow.



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