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”...I have been in and out of the justice system since I was 12 years old – I’m now 42 and I spent from age 13 to 23 behind bars. I don’t have a high-school degree and until recently I barely knew how to read. I have lived a very hard life. I have seen the worst that the street could give me. It has caused me great suffering.

”...When I walked into the Criminon center my goal was to just get through it, satisfy your sentence and walk away. What I didn’t realize was that I was going to grow mentally, morally and to become a much better person. This program taught me first how to read, study and comprehend information I’m trying to learn. This simple key unlocked in me the ability to understand and comprehend what the teachers could not make me comprehend in school. I now have the key to study and read and understand what I read...

”...This program gives more back to the society than I think anyone really knows. Punishment or jail time is a complete waste. It does no one any good. Let me tell you as someone who has spent years creating ‘hell’ for society, I have done the punishments the justice system has given me. I got a trade out of it, but it didn’t give me my self-respect back. This sentence you gave me was very different. Criminon has given me my self-respect back. It has changed me. It has shown me that I can have everything I want in life – without breaking any laws. I used to get respect in the streets from what I did there, but today I receive respect from society for what I’m doing now. This program will open more minds than the jail system ever will.

”...I am going to take a learning course that Criminon offers so I can become an instructor at this center and do all I can to help others who want to become a more productive member of society like I did. If there is ever anything I can do for you, please don’t hesitate to ask. I hope with all the influence you have, that you can make people understand how valuable the Criminon course is and how it can help society and in the end, make your job easier.” —G.S.


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