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Narconon Boston has also delivered many years of “peer leadership” training to high-school youth in the New England area, training them not only on drugs, but also on public speaking and conflict resolution.

Narconon lecturers have worked in close association with police or police agencies in many areas of the world including Canada, the United States, Sweden, Norway and Italy. Narconon Sweden and local, regional and national police officers have cooperated for well over a decade, including, for example, delivering a full briefing on the Narconon drug education method to all police officers who themselves work on drug prevention in the Stockholm area.

Narconon staff regularly deliver professional lectures on issues of drugs and the workplace to corporate and business executives throughout the world. One such executive wrote in response, “The second part of the meeting on the subject of the consequences of a world on drugs was presented by [a Narconon staff person]. It was very interesting for [our] Vilnius staff. Despite the fact that the drug problem is not a new issue for Lithuania, most of us were not familiar with the problem and its dramatic consequences: the crime, the deaths, the costs, the victims. We got acquainted with Narconon’s highly effective program to rehabilitate drug abusers. The presentation was interesting and informative.”

In Italy, Narconon centers have distributed tens of thousands of Narconon drug education booklets on how to talk to youth about drugs, how drugs affect the mind, and methadone (as a very poor solution to the heroin problem). Schools and municipalities throughout Italy continue to request thousands more copies of these booklets that share a vital, new perspective on drugs, addiction and treatment methods.


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