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Expansion Because of One Reason: Results

From the simple beginnings of a single L. Ron Hubbard book, to the full lineup of today’s Narconon program, the fact of workability lies at the core of Narconon’s success. Professionals in the field of drug rehabilitation from many countries have attested to Narconon’s results.

A nationally respected American drug abuse consultant whose career in drug prevention began with then-President Richard Nixon’s “war on drugs,” said this about Narconon:

“I have been to some of the high-powered programs in the nation and I can say, unequivocally, that what you are doing here is better than anything I have seen anywhere else. Even to the point that if [my sons] . . . had a drug problem, I would bring them here. And that’s over the other programs I talked about.”

A leading drug rehabilitation expert who has studied a number of different rehabilitation programs has remarked that “The drug-free procedure used by Narconon during drug withdrawal is in my opinion sound.”


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