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My practice had a lot of disorder and inefficiencies before you came in. Thanks to the Hubbard data and your help, I am now achieving the success I have worked so hard for.

Seven weeks ago I was unsure as to whether or not I would continue practicing chiropractic. I had lost my sense of purpose and felt overwhelmed with confusion and sadness at the condition of the world, where I found myself, and in life. Not a pretty picture. As a last resort I attended [a WISE] introductory seminar.

On December 30, I took myself to the introductory seminar. On December 31st I decided to sign up for a complete management package. I immediately noticed a dramatic change in one of my chiropractic assistants, and for myself the decision to begin the management program signified a clear commitment to my belief in myself. All was not lost after all.

Now only seven weeks later, my original failing practice has almost doubled and...I know my purpose and willingly accept the responsibility that goes along with it. I am filled with energy and find true happiness in my work. I feel like this is my first year in practice instead of my seventh.



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