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This handbook printed and distributed by the Church to hundreds of thousands of citizens, has made individual rights known and has provided individuals with simple directions for using the Freedom of Information Act and informed them of their rights under this law.

And with each success through and for the Freedom of Information Act comes not just another victory for Scientology, but a victory for all those who might one day suffer from government secrecy.

It was in acknowledgment of such unprecedented efforts that noted author and expert on US intelligence matters, Victor Marchetti, declared:

“I would like to commend the Church of Scientology for its faith in itself and its determination to work within the constitutional democratic system of our nation. It has fought the good fight against great odds openly and legally . . . and it has survived . . . which is more of a tribute to its membership than it is to our own government. By its tenacity and determination, the Church of Scientology has forced that government to adhere to the Constitution . . . something that will benefit all Americans in the long run.”


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