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Dr. Fred Baughman, a California pediatric neurologist for 35 years, bluntly summarized the situation in a letter to the New York Times on April 14, 1995: “The educational and medical establishments are engaged in a quid pro quo relationship to perpetuate illusions of diseases that reduce the schools’ obligations to prepare children for adult life. Meanwhile, for-profit medicine and its business partners gain thousands of young patients.

“The invention of diseases satisfied medical-economic needs. Additional income for growing numbers of psychologists and psychiatrists is generated....ADD was invented, in committee, at the American Psychiatric Association in 1980.... There is nothing a physician can see to confirm or refute it . . .”

Fraudulent diagnosis – which annually also involves millions of adults – is only one of the many psychiatric abuses CCHR has effectively exposed. While much has yet to be accomplished, the deadly social, financial and personal effects of this psychiatric creation of a “cash cow” will one day become a sordid chapter of the past.


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