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The intrinsic problem here, of course, is that like doctors and lawyers, psychiatrists righteously and loudly claim that a peer review system is firmly in place to handle member malfeasance. Outsiders, particularly those involved in enforcement of laws, are not needed, thank you. However, the reality demonstrated in all these professions shows serious flaws. Two factors come into play: A peer is after all an equal and a member of the same group and, unless one is motivated by deeply rooted ideals, it is, to say the least, uncomfortable to reprimand one’s equals; and, perhaps of more pertinence, if judgments are too harsh they are invariably publicized, thus airing the profession’s dirty linen. Bad publicity is anathema to a profession already standing on shaky ground. And faced with this disturbing threat, ranks tend to close rather quickly.

Therefore, knowing full well that the psychiatric community has consistently demonstrated an inability to police its own actions, CCHR has long felt it only just that the perpetrators of actions that break the law of the land should face criminal prosecution. And so, it has taken it upon itself to see that they do. Victims of psychiatric abuse have little other recourse. Virtually nobody else is willing to stand up for their rights, perhaps because of the societal stigma attached to mental difficulties. More and more, however, they turn to CCHR as the word goes out that Scientologists care.

Thus, over the years, CCHR investigations have led to the prosecution of scores of psychiatrists, psychologists, psychiatric workers and psychiatric facilities. Law enforcement has demonstrated an increasing willingness to prosecute psychiatrists who commit criminal acts, a major reversal of earlier decades when they could literally get away with murder.

While exploitation of women patients is common, CCHR’s investigations have revealed that the majority of these cases involve even more distasteful acts against children.


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