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That the practice of involuntary commitment was a gross abuse of human rights and required a further full inquiry; that a “Charter of Patients Rights” should be drawn up and adhered to; that regular inspections should be carried out by an independent panel, which should include “consumer representatives and leaders of local communities”; and that a similar panel should investigate every complaint of psychiatric abuse and recommend prosecution of any criminal abuse found.

Since the report’s release, Members of Parliament who have been briefed on psychiatry’s racist history have been speaking out in Parliament in support of CCHR’s call for a further inquiry.

One Member of Parliament called for an independent inquiry into “psychiatry itself,” saying, “Organized psychiatry and individual psychiatrists were at the heart of this entire disgraceful situation . . . How can they escape responsibility? An independent inquiry [is] needed into the nature and culture of psychiatric practice . . . otherwise, we will have psychiatrists investigating themselves.”


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