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CCHR Human Rights Awards

CCHR has joined forces with many other courageous individuals throughout the world in its efforts to clean up the field of mental health. In 1994, as part of its 25th anniversary celebration, CCHR initiated its International Human Rights Award to recognize and honor individuals who have displayed extraordinary courage and commitment in the fight for the restoration of basic human rights.

In the first year, the recipients of the CCHR International Human Rights Awards were Patrick Griffin, a solicitor from Australia who worked tirelessly with CCHR to expose the atrocities of Chelmsford Hospital and the use of deep sleep treatment there; Senator Edo Ronchi from Italy, for his work with CCHR to expose to media and to government the horrendous conditions in Italian psychiatric facilities, effecting drastic change; Lorne Love from the United States, founder of the Committee to Stop the Federal Violence Initiative, a psychiatric initiative which targeted African-American children for their supposed genetic tendency to become violent later in life; Texas State Senators Mike Moncrief and Judith Zaffirini, for their persistence in holding hearings into psychiatric insurance fraud in their state, which led to one of the largest national healthcare fraud investigations ever; and Dr. Thomas Szasz, emeritus professor of psychiatry, for his articles, books and lectures, throughout a quarter of a century, exposing the truth about psychiatry.

Since then, CCHR has awarded its prestigious International Human Rights Awards to individuals from Greece, South Africa, Italy, Russia and the United States.


More Social Reform Activities

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