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Tools for the Workplace:

This booklet describes the actual relationship between the individual and his work. It describes the primary cause of job-related exhaustion and provides exact procedures to overcome it. Also included are ways to deal with confusion in the workplace. As one’s life is largely comprised of work, one needs to understand what this subject is really about.

These Handbook booklets are so popular that they have been translated into Greek, Hungarian, Finnish, Russian, Swedish, Danish, Dutch and Portuguese, as well as the five languages of the Handbook itself. Every year over 80,000 copies of the booklets are distributed internationally.

The Scientology Handbook is the result of hundreds of thousands of hours of research and application. It teaches many of the most helpful Scientology practices and techniques in a series of simple and swiftly learned lessons. After studying these lessons, one can immediately go out on his own and begin ministering to the needs of the community in a volunteer capacity, or he can become even more effective by joining with other local Volunteer Ministers.


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