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Volunteer Ministers also work closely with ministers of other denominations. In Sydney, Australia, Volunteer Ministers work hand in hand with the Salvation Army, running the local drive for food, clothes and toys. In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Volunteer Ministers embarked on a tutoring program in conjunction with a local Baptist church that has greatly improved the literacy level of the children and adults it has served. The Volunteer Ministers also have given sermons at the Baptist church, providing others an insight into Scientology and its practical principles. In South Africa, working with other churches has enabled Volunteer Ministers to make the technology from The Scientology Handbook more broadly available.

As one newspaper reported, a South African pastor, sixty-nine-year-old Reverend William Mesilane of the Christ Assembly Church, is also a Volunteer Minister, and routinely utilizes Scientology technology to help people in his community. The story reported, “He eased someone’s pain using the Touch Assist on the train from Maclear to Sterkstroom. He saw a woman crying, who jumped with terror if anyone spoke to her. He asked her what was wrong and she did not know. He offered to do a Touch Assist, which took twenty minutes. During that time, the train conductor came and watched him at work as well as curious passengers. At the end of the Touch Assist the woman was laughing and calm.

“William claims he took on a new lease in life when he began to study the Handbook. He eagerly plans to use all he learns to help his people further.”

Whether it is one individual with a momentary upset, an entire community suffering the shock of natural disaster, or a widespread social ill like drug abuse or illiteracy, Volunteer Ministers help because they are able and because they care.


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