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In times of need and in the aftermath of disaster Volunteer Ministers play a vital role in helping to provide relief, not only in the form of food and clothing but also through the delivery of assists. These basic techniques alleviate the emotional and spiritual trauma of injuries and aid the healing process.

Volunteer Ministers also trained Red Cross personnel in assist technology at the remote scene of the 1998 earthquake in Western China, so they could provide relief to earthquake victims. In Korea, another team ministered to children, after an industrial explosion. When floods hit St. Louis, Missouri, in 1997, Volunteer Ministers from around the country worked alongside the American Red Cross, which commended their support as “invaluable and vital to the success of the relief operation.”

Volunteer Ministers were likewise active and on the scenes of the major 1989 San Francisco earthquake, the territories of Florida devastated by Hurricane Andrew, and the 1994 floods in northern Italy.

When the tragic news of the bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma broke on April 19, 1995, some 150 Volunteer Ministers from around the United States quickly mobilized, traveling to Oklahoma City to help those in need. Volunteer Ministers from Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Nevada, California and Minnesota delivered hundreds of assists to those injured or traumatized by the blast, with dramatic results. Their actions were so effective that they were given special access to the heavily secured blast site where they worked alongside rescue workers.


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