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In Los Angeles, a murals project sponsored by the Church’s Community Outreach Group and Visual Artists Association has created scores of large murals at Family Courts and related facilities, helping to uplift the spirits of abused and neglected children throughout Los Angeles County. The Community Outreach Group has received city, county and state recognition for its work and was named the community group of the year in Los Angeles. Church volunteers in Los Angeles have also worked for many years with the Red Cross on a variety of projects ranging from community blood drives to disaster relief.

The Church of Scientology of St. Louis raises funds for the United States Marine Corps’ “Toys for Tots” program, while also carrying out a successful education program aimed at steering children clear of crime.

In Arizona, church volunteers participated in a telethon pledge drive to support public television, raising $25,000 in a few hours – more than double the target set by the local public television station for that time period.

Church volunteers in Sydney, Australia, conduct clothing drives for underprivileged families and provide musical entertainment for the elderly.


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