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Today, nearly eight hundred staff minister to parishioners who travel from around the world to participate in auditing and training at the FSO. Because many stay for several weeks or even months at a time before returning home, the FSO also provides comfortable accommodations for its parishioners so they can progress up the Bridge free from the distractions and turbulence of the day-to-day world.

“Flag saved my life, really,” said a Scientologist who is a television and film producer. “Flag is really the place to be. It’s the best place in the world to get auditing. It’s precise, and there’s tremendous care in every action and service. It’s simply the most theta place in the world.”

Another Scientologist said, “I come to Flag for spiritual rejuvenation. Just being in the atmosphere is an incredible experience in itself. Being with other Scientologists from all over the world is very exciting, and Flag definitely lives up to its reputation as the friendliest place in the world.”


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