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“I arrived at Saint Hill in April 1965,” recalls a Scientologist. “There were about fifty-six or fifty-seven staff. By August, there were two hundred staff. It was CROWDED. People audited elbow to elbow and nobody minded.”

Another Scientologist said of the period: “My first impression of Saint Hill was it was busy and friendly. There were always new people arriving, but it was very orderly and stable.

“The atmosphere was enthusiastic. Clears were being announced all the time and there was a lot of very fast movement on the Grade Chart.”

During these years, Scientologists came from all corners of the world to listen to Mr. Hubbard’s daily lectures on his new discoveries. They applied these breakthroughs immediately, and from this came new techniques and procedures for training auditors to a level of skill not previously attainable on what was known as the original Saint Hill Special Briefing Course (SHSBC).


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