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Pioneering Dianetics and Scientology

Not unlike those early pioneers and missionaries who braved challenging environments in far-flung countries, opening up Scientology today in a new place — whether a small town in the USA or a mountain village in Nepal — is always an adventure. It usually starts with someone reading one or more of L. Ron Hubbard’s books, which creates a thirst for more information about Dianetics and Scientology technology in the new area. A person calls in from a far-flung city in Siberia, or from the center of Indiana, says he has been co-auditing for a hundred or a thousand hours on Dianetics, and wants to know, “What do I do next?”

More often than not, a Scientology missionary arrives on his doorstep, and ignites the spark. He or she begins by inviting people in the community to a lecture on Scientology. The grass-roots interest grows and soon more people are co-auditing. A group forms and expands. It provides even broader services — basic courses, introductory lectures, and perhaps the Purification Rundown. More new people are introduced to Scientology and Dianetics and what was once a handful grows to a small community of Scientologists in the hundreds. Soon what was a group of twenty has become a mission.

Although missions start in a number of ways, the simple fact is that any Scientologist may qualify to open one and thereby contribute to the spiritual growth of his community. Often, missions are founded by individual Scientologists who, having experienced the benefits of Scientology, want to introduce their religion to others in new parts of the world. Starting a mission is truly a pioneering activity that fulfills the wishes of Scientologists who want to offer to others in sometimes remote corners of the world the spiritual gains they have themselves realized.


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