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Those who carry forward this message of a bright and hopeful future are the field auditors, groups and missions of Scientology, which exist to minister the religion at the grass-roots level.

Above this level are the more established churches of Scientology which are the centers for Scientology in their cities and the focal points for many community outreach activities. Here, parishioners come to study Scientology scripture and learn to audit.

The more advanced Scientology churches minister the highest levels of auditing and training, including the OT levels. Here, parishioners are certain to rediscover their true potential as spiritual beings.

To serve the spiritual needs of congregations and to ensure all religious services are ministered in strict accordance with Scientology scripture, the worldwide churches of Scientology are organized in a hierarchical structure which includes churches that minister directly to Scientology parishioners, as well as church “management” organizations that oversee, support and guide their activities. This section provides an explanation of the former category of Scientology churches – those that directly minister to the needs of the growing number of Scientologists throughout the world.


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