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In this session, a series of incidents from my childhood that were causing me a tremendous amount of guilt and heartache was completely relieved. This was unconfrontable before. In fact, I’d never been able to talk about it, not in twenty-seven years. My auditor had me return to the moment it happened and go over the incident several times. I was wide awake and fully alert throughout.

As we began, I felt again the same fear and frustration I felt in the incident, but as we continued, the bad feeling was completely discharged and I began to feel much better. By the end of my Dianetics session I was totally free of any effects from this nightmare that had been ruining my life. It’s a real miracle - I feel like a 200-pound weight is off my shoulders!

As a Doctor of Dentistry, I’d wholeheartedly recommend Dianetics auditing to anyone. I see now that when you get rid of the upsets, guilt, anger, etc., your whole life changes for the better.

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