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I was very ill for months in the hospital. I was under intensive care for weeks with a bleeding ulcer infection and kidney failure. My heart stopped three times. I was unconscious for over a week, and I did not want to live. The doctors were going to give up on me and stop the treatment. The nurses did not expect me to survive. My wife had a very hard time with it and she couldn’t even call to see how I was doing; she had to have someone else call for her. She then received some Dianetics auditing and came to grips with it, at which point she was able to come into my room in the hospital and give me some auditing. She came in every day.

I soon started becoming more aware of my environment and had a determinism to survive. It made life bright enough to live. I am now recovered and would not have lived if it weren’t for the technology of L. Ron Hubbard that helped us get through it.

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