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New Era Dianetics auditing is absolutely incredible. I never realized really what an engram could do and how solidly fixed they were in one’s mind or how insidiously they aberrate you. Then I had a session of New Era Dianetics and I was utterly amazed at what happened. This particular engram was quite severe and I was a little more than nervous to go through it, but with the help of my auditor, I made it through. We ran it several times, each time picking up more of the engram that was hidden beneath unconsciousness and pain. After we had run all the emotional pain out of this engram, I had an incredible realization about my life and why I had been unconsciously behaving in certain ways. That unwanted aspect of myself is gone now, never to return. I couldn’t stop smiling for days after that! It was incredible, I felt as if I were floating when I walked. I had never felt so good, and this was just one engram.

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