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L. Ron Hubbard


I have been a teacher for nearly twenty years and a student for nearly fifty years. In that time I have seen and experienced much that has been described as “education.” Some of it has been good, but an overwhelming amount of it had little or no lasting value.

As a student I found it very difficult to exercise anything other than my memorization skills. I just memorized things without really understanding why I was doing it. The purpose was really just “to get the grade.”

My first course in the study technology developed by L. Ron Hubbard completely revitalized me as a student and provided me with the tools to approach study with a purpose and to really learn something for application. It was this technology that gave me my first real interest in teaching. I realized that with the basic tools provided by this exceptional technology, not only was I able to learn anything I set my mind to, but I could help someone else to learn successfully as well.

For nearly twenty years I have been working with students of all ages from around the world, and have found that they all suffer from the same study-related problems and that once in possession of Mr. Hubbard’s breakthrough technology they have the tools necessary for successfully learning anything. I can think of no greater gift than to give a child (or adult) these easily mastered study tools. They last for a lifetime; they open wide the doors of the future and they unlock potential that was always there.

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