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I am an attorney specializing in tax law. I have been a newscaster with NBC and am a published author.

Prior to doing the Purification program developed by L. Ron Hubbard, I had experienced the effects of toxins in my body for years. As a young girl, I had rabies shots, as well as other medicinal drugs. For years I have felt the effects of these poisons which I became acutely aware of while doing the program.

I never really knew how my perceptions were affected by these toxins until I got them out of my system. My ability to think clearly increased; I was sharper, brighter and generally more alert.

It is a medically recorded fact that my hearing was poor prior to doing the program, and as a result of doing the program my hearing improved. My IQ also went up ten points. This is on record, as I took a test prior to doing the regimen and took one after doing the program.

Purification Program


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