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Sometimes in life achieving a goal large or small can seem very complex and possibly there are barriers to accomplishment. After having studied the entire book Fundamentals of Thought I found I was able to simply play the game of life, knowing with certainty that things would turn out right – and that’s exactly what happened! I became more able to make a clear, precise decision about something I wanted to do. And this certainly made the greatest difference in getting it done.

I was able to improve my relationship with my husband, my parents and my son through understanding them better. My work became not just easier, but more enjoyable. I was able to enjoy being with people so much more and better deal with even difficult circumstances. Best of all, I am in a much better position to help others.

So many times I’ve had a friend or acquaintance who I could have helped. Before, I would have been sad for them because there was nothing I could have done. But now I have solutions that work.



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