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Twenty years ago, although I had a good job and had recently gotten married, I was dissatisfied with life and was seldom really happy. My day-to-day existence seemed futile and had little direction or purpose. I suspected that there must be more to life than what I was experiencing, but it was all a mystery to me.

I picked up a book one day, entitled A New Slant on Life. In this book by L. Ron Hubbard I found answers to my problems. I went to the Church of Scientology and got onto a course on communication and suddenly had some tools to change unwanted conditions. My life started to turn around.

Today, I own my own successful business, the expansion of which I directly attribute to the use of L. Ron Hubbard’s principles. I have been happily married for over twenty-three years and have a teenage daughter who is also happy and doing well in life. Not only am I happier and more successful than I thought possible, but I am now involved in the Church of Scientology’s community affairs programs, helping other people to get off drugs and helping to make known the harmful effects of drugs. I am enjoying life and have never looked back!



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