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As a kid growing up I was very shy, withdrawn, afraid of people and generally unhappy. All these uncomfortable feelings were still there during high school and later in college. The most I could hope for was to make each day as bearable as I could, yet I felt life should be happier.

These ill feelings weren’t going to go away all by themselves. I was going to have to DO something about them and what I did was Scientology.

I enrolled on a Scientology communication course and to my surprise and delight my shyness started to disappear and my fear was less and one by one all these uncomfortable feelings started to go away. It was like shedding a skin. And what I found underneath all of this was ME! The more I used what I learned in Scientology the more ME I became. Scientology really works! I became more outgoing, more confident, honest and ethical. I found my integrity. I liked people a lot more, and life became FUN, just like I always thought it should be.

Michael Manoogian
Logo Designer


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