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2. Has an extensive institutional or psychiatric history which includes heavy drugs, shocks of various kinds and/or so-called psychiatric brain operations. By “institutional history” is meant having been knowingly or unknowingly given such treatment in a public or private institution for the insane, a psychiatric ward in a hospital, a psychiatrist’s, psychologist’s or other mental practitioner’s clinic or office or a mental health center. It is not that such individuals cannot, in many instances, be helped. But they require many more hours of auditing than someone who has not been so harmed and often, too, due to the damage received in such “treatment” are so unstable as to require more attention and facilities than the church could possibly provide. Therefore, in order to do the greatest good for the greatest number, it is more survival to use Scientology to bring about improved conditions in the individuals in society who are already capable and who would progress fastest. These people, made even more capable, will increase their spheres of influence. The society will then support constructive reform measures such as eliminating the unworkable and even debilitating practices of psychiatry and psychology. Those who do have institutional or psychiatric history are, however, allowed to engage in Scientology training services, unless otherwise found to be unqualified.

3. Members of organizations who by their conduct show themselves to be hostile to the best interests of mankind. This category would include also those who have publicly attacked Scientology in the media.

It has been found that all such attacks on Scientology were instigated by those who either knew full well that their allegations were false or had no information on the subject in the first place. Such persons constitute a minor percentage of the population and work against any group or activity that strives to better others, for they perceive improvement as a threat to their power.


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