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Problems with Earlier Similar Subjects

When a person has developed misconceptions or misunderstandings in subjects studied earlier, it can hinder him in current studies. The later subject can seem complicated or incomprehensible due to confusions stirred up by unwitting association with the earlier subject.

A housewife who has trouble baking may not realize that her botched recipes stem from earlier confusions in her study of arithmetic in school.

An advertising agency copywriter whose clients are unhappy with his ads does not see that his confusions on grammar from high school are ruining his professional life.

A photographer who cannot take a good picture might not connect his difficulties with earlier studies and misconceptions of color harmony in a painting class.

This inability to grasp a current subject is the result of confusions from earlier subjects. The housewife could make better cakes if she understood that half a pint was eight ounces, not four ounces. The ad copywriter could be more successful if he saw that behind his stilted prose lay confusions in grammar. The photographer might take award-winning photos if he knew how to use colors for more pleasing arrangements.

There is a specific handling for such examples as the above – to find the earlier subject and clear up the misconceptions and misunderstandings in it. The student will then be able to learn the current subject.

This procedure is followed in Scientology training and failures due to confusions in earlier studies are resolved or prevented.


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