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Regardless of whether the Scientologist is currently active on the Bridge or not, and regardless of his financial condition, the Chaplain is sure to help. By working closely with other local Scientologists or the Church’s Free Scientology Center, or using his own auditing skills, the Chaplain will arrange for assists or other auditing to be ministered to one in need. Or the Chaplain may recommend a book by L. Ron Hubbard or a Life Improvement or extension course for more guidance. Sometimes merely the act of listening to, understanding and acknowledging someone who is troubled is sufficient to lift his spirits and start him on the road to recovery.

The Chaplain also acts as a “port of last call” for a Scientologist who may have encountered a problem while participating in religious services at his church. The Chaplain therefore is constantly alert for the rare occasion when an individual experiences some Scientology service that he is not happy with, invariably because it was not ministered correctly. In such instances the Chaplain either arranges for or himself provides auditing to the person. By applying the technology in strict accordance with the scripture, the Chaplain is able to save the individual and lead him back onto the path to spiritual freedom.

As discussed in more detail in Chapter 17 (Scientology Ethics and Judicial Matters), the Chaplain also helps Scientologists who are involved in a dispute, personal disagreement or misunderstanding by assisting them to resolve the problem through the application of Scientology religious principles in the Church’s ecclesiastical justice procedures.


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