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The course is named after Saint Hill Manor in England, Mr. Hubbard’s residence during much of the 1960s, and where he personally ministered the services from March 1961 to December 1966. It covers an intense period of his research, leading to many important discoveries. Auditors came from all over the world to Saint Hill and were present when Mr. Hubbard developed the Bridge to Total Freedom and many of the procedures that today form a large part of any preclear’s auditing.

The course was extremely popular and auditors who returned to their areas from Saint Hill were regarded with enormous respect. The desire by Scientologists to participate in the Briefing Course resulted in its establishment in other areas of the world in church organizations called “Saint Hills” as a tribute to the original home of the course. Due to the scope of the course and the facilities necessary to minister it, only these selected Scientology church organizations offer the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course.

Here, you study all of L. Ron Hubbard’s books and technical bulletins and listen to recordings of his more than 430 Saint Hill lectures. The full service consists of sixteen individual checksheets, each a complete course of study in itself which may be done as a whole at one time or with intervals between the parts. Each requires an average of three to four weeks to complete.

Each checksheet covers a specific period of Dianetics and Scientology technology and gives you a full understanding of the theory and application of the materials of that period. In essence, you are gaining ever wider understandings of life and the handlings of man’s aberrations.


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