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L. Ron Hubbard


L. Ron Hubbard developed nine separate methods of Word Clearing and several related technologies for handling the effects of misunderstood words and false information. Each method provides a different way of locating noncomprehension, identifying the underlying misunderstood word and then helping the individual come to a full understanding of the word so he can use them in his own vocabulary. Thousands of hours of research and hundreds of thousands of case studies went into the development of these nine methods.

In the twelve or sixteen years or more that a student spends in school, the unknowing accumulation of undefined words and symbols can present a serious barrier to knowledge and productivity in life. Also, when a person comes across words or symbols in everyday activities outside of the classroom that he does not understand, these, too, will end up limiting his capabilities.

With the techniques of Word Clearing, whole subjects which were not understood at the time and therefore could never be applied in life can be “recovered” and actually understood and used. Such is the power of clearing misunderstood words. Wherever communication is being engaged in, given or received, the technology of Word Clearing will find beneficial use.

Mr. Hubbard once remarked, “The future is the only frontier without limit and the frontier that we will all enter and cross no matter what we do.” Reading news headlines is enough to tell anyone that social problems are escalating in virtually every community and that these portend a bleak future. Drugs, crime, unemployment, poverty and violence are all indicators of how extensive educational failures have become. A great many of those enmeshed in such problems could have been happier, more productive individuals if they had simply learned how to learn. If used, study technology will salvage both our current and future generations.

To learn to study any subject more effectively, visit the Study Technology Web site at http://www.studytechnology.org.


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