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Global Locator for Scientology Organizations in the UK
Find the nearest Church of Scientology in the United Kingdom, and Saint Hill Manor, where L. Ron Hubbard lived and worked from 1959 to 1966.

Church of Scientology in Birmingham
The Church of Scientology of Birmingham welcomes you to find out for yourself. Attend Sunday service or take a free introductory service.

Church of Scientology in Brighton
The Church of Scientology of Brighton: We offer services that give practical help for life’s challenges — big and small.

Scientology Celebrity Centre in London
The Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre of London, dedicated to creativity and the dream of a bright future for all.

Hubbard Academy of Personal Independence
The Hubbard Academy of Personal Independence welcomes you to find out what Scientology technology can do to for you in your life.

Church of Scientology in London
The Church of Scientology of London welcomes you to learn how Scientology and Dianetics technology can help you improve your life.

Church of Scientology in Manchester
Whatever your personal religious beliefs, the Church of Scientology of Manchester welcomes you to attend Sunday service.

Church of Scientology in Plymouth
The Church of Scientology of Plymouth, providing hope, happiness and the ability to achieve a better life.

Church of Scientology in Sunderland
There are times when you really need to believe in yourself... find out how at the Church of Scientology of Sunderland.

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