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Is it okay to take any sort of drugs when you are in Scientology?

Except for antibiotics or other prescribed medical drugs by a medical doctor, no. Any other drug use, such as the use of street drugs or psychiatric mind-altering drugs, is forbidden.

If one has a medical or dental condition requiring treatment and wishes to take some medical drug other than antibiotics, he should inform the appropriate staff member and consult his doctor or dentist.

Drugs are usually taken to escape from unwanted emotions, pains or sensations. In Scientology, the real reasons for these unwanted conditions get handled and people have no need or desire for drugs. Drugs dull people and make them less aware. Scientology’s aim is to make people brighter and more aware.

Drugs are essentially poisons. Small amounts may act as a stimulant or as a sedative, but larger amounts act as poisons. Drugs also dull one’s senses and affect the reactive mind so that the person becomes less in control and more the effect of his reactive mind, a very undesirable state.

Despite the claims of psychiatrists that drugs are a “cure-all,” at best they cover up what is really wrong, and at worst, actually cause harm. The real answer is to handle the source of one’s troubles — and that is done through Scientology.


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