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Still, while psychiatry’s offensive against Scientology has been all but defeated, the battle is not over and the skirmishes continue.

In spite of the IRS recognition in the United States of the religiosity of the Church of Scientology, there are less enlightened countries that do not have a tradition of religious freedom, that are dominated by state religions which consider others to be competition, and that have a long and painful tradition of intolerance. In these countries, the strategy is the same as it once was in the United States. The same false reports are seeded into government files, the same type of psychiatrists make authoritative announcements, and the same kind of media blindly repeats wild accusations.

But just as in the United States truth once again demonstrated its power by prevailing against odds that would have overwhelmed any lesser cause, so too will it in these countries. It is clear now that when any government agency demonstrates enough integrity to actually investigate the Church of Scientology, to examine the false reports, libel, rumor and innuendo, to see for themselves what the Church actually is and actually does, it has no choice but to recognize the religiosity of Scientology and the benefit it brings. While some still cling to the musty old files with yellowing clippings dating back to those early days in 1950, they too will sooner or later have to enter the present and step into the tide of the future.


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