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The Church responded with a national public information campaign which provided the truth about this organization to police departments, judges, district attorneys and religious and charitable organizations across the country. And the resulting groundswell of public indignation and condemnation created a backlash against CAN.

In 1996, CAN was forced into liquidation after unsuccessfully seeking to escape a $1.1 million damages verdict handed down by a US District Court in Seattle by filing for bankruptcy. The case involved a young Christian man who had been kidnapped and assaulted by a CAN “deprogrammer.”

Yet another attack on the Church was mounted from a different direction — the technological frontier of the Internet. Here, a handful of apostates, with the support of psychiatric and media apologists who had figured prominently over the years in assaults on Scientology, began to broadly distribute copyrighted and confidential religious scriptures which had been stolen from a Church of Scientology in Denmark.


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