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Although the more than forty-year assault against Scientology assumed large proportions, the source must be remembered – that small but influential circle of psychiatrists. Nor did the means change over the years: false allegations selectively planted in the media, then seeded into federal files as background “fact.”

It is a method, with small adjustments, that also served to cause trouble overseas. The international pipeline left the US, primarily through IRS and FBI links, traveled through the channels of the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol), located in France, and was discharged among the law enforcement and intelligence bodies of various nations.

What happened was fairly predictable: attacks against Scientology by government agencies in England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Australia — all with fervent media support involving the most outrageous allegations. Still, as usual, Scientology prevailed.

And, just as there had been some within the IRS who were willing to examine the facts and dismiss the lies about Scientology, so it was with Interpol. Following the IRS recognition, Church officials were able to meet with top Interpol officials to present the truth.

Interpol, too, recognized the religiosity of Scientology. The Church and the police agency peacefully resolved all issues between them. Following its own charter not to involve itself in religious matters, Interpol today keeps no files on the Church of Scientology.


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