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With both drugs and illegal healing dead-ended, the only avenue remaining to the FDA was the E-Meter. Perhaps, they theorized inaccurately, it was used to “diagnose” or “cure illness.” So, on January 4, 1963, US marshals, deputized longshoremen and armed police barged their way into the Founding Church of Scientology in Washington, DC, threatened the staff, and left with two vans of not only E-Meters, but books, scriptures and other materials.

Still, as outrageous as it was, it did not match the sheer audacity of what happened in Seattle where the FDA’s fingerprints were figuratively all over the handgun that was used to murder the head of the church there.

A local resident, Russell Johnson, who had heard about the FDA’s actions in Washington, DC, thought they would provide a sympathetic ear to his current problem. He called them to complain about “the practices of a Dr. William Fisk who operates as the Church of Scientology” and claimed Fisk was attempting to seduce his wife.


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