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We, at the Bible Holiness Movement, have – over the years – been gratefully aware that the Church of Scientology has actively endeavored to express its committal to the God-given rights and liberties, including religious freedom, that are essential to society, and this with them has not been an abstract ideal but an essential practical effort along with other religious and concerned bodies of people.

It is also good to have known personally of many instances when these Scientologists have acted on behalf of others who would differ with them, simply on the basis of principle and human compassion. Two instances come to mind, one where an Evangelical youth was under illegal effort to force a denial of faith in Christ, and the other of compassionate and effective effort in improving the lot of South African Black mental patients who were suffering vicious abuse in a form of virtual slavery.

What of the future? It would be our hope and expectation that the Scientologists will continue in their social conscience and concern for human liberty.

Wesley H. Wakefield
Bishop General of the
International Bible Holiness


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