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The Church of Scientology has taken an active role in the fight for social justice and equal rights for minorities.

Community programs which utilize the study methods of L. Ron Hubbard have helped thousands of inner-city children as well as adults. And Mr. Hubbard’s moral code, The Way to Happiness, has been used to rehabilitate gang members and given them a chance to become honest and productive citizens. Scientologists have been instrumental in providing minorities tools which enable them to accomplish their goals.

As a new religion, the Scientologists have had their share of discrimination but work tirelessly to preserve not just their religious freedom but the religious freedom for all people around the world.

I believe the Church will continue to be a strong force to protect the rights of all men, women and children far, far into the future.

Jeanetta Williams
National Board Member
NAACP (National Association
for the Advancement of Colored People)


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