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Nowhere was Scientology’s expansion more rapid than in Russia, where in 1992, hundreds attended Dianetics seminars, as groups formed across the face of the Commonwealth of Independent States. Dianetics was translated into Russian and released the following year and the thousands and thousands who had already learned about it soon became millions as stories on Dianetics flooded radio, television and the printed media.

In July 1992, the newly restored Celebrity Centre International was officially opened to service the many artists in Scientology.

May 1993 brought the opening of the Moscow mission, the first Church of Scientology in Russia. As the news about Dianetics and Scientology continued to spread, groups formed from the Black Sea to Siberia, from the Mongolian border to the edge of the Arctic.

While Scientology spread across Russia, other countries were also introduced to L. Ron Hubbard’s technology: Cyprus, Iceland, Malta, Paraguay, Peru, San Marino, Ukraine, Zambia, Uruguay, Suriname and a score more.


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