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Dianetics: Perennial Bestseller

To spread word of technical breakthroughs and generally inform the world of just what Scientology has to offer, the Planetary Dissemination Organization was founded in 1983. One of the organization’s first tasks: to make Dianetics even more widely available. And the result a few months later: Dianetics once again reached the bestseller lists with the seven-millionth copy sold.

Concurrently, new churches were founded in Hamburg, Bern, Zurich and Verona, soon followed in the US with churches in Long Island, New York, and Orange County, California. And to serve the artistic community in New York, a Celebrity Centre organization was opened there.

Two more German churches opened in 1984 and by then, scores of Scientology churches and missions spanned the globe. It seemed only appropriate, then, that on October 7, 1984, the International Association of Scientologists was formed at Saint Hill in England, to unite Scientologists from all nations.

Man has long suffered from inability to consistently pursue his true purposes, and in 1984 Mr. Hubbard released the solution to such problems: the False Purpose Rundown. As with all earlier technical releases, Scientology course rooms from Sydney to St. Louis were soon filled with auditors learning how to remove those factors which obscure a being’s real purposes. So great were the numbers of students and preclears at the Flag Land Base that the Flag Bureaux, previously located in Clearwater, was moved to Los Angeles in order to make more room for more delivery to parishioners and consolidate management. As an added bonus, Scientologists were soon to be listening to the first of Mr. Hubbard’s lectures in Clearsound – a revolutionary development in tape restoration making possible the release of all of Mr. Hubbard’s lectures from 1950 forward.


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