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In 1982, Religious Technology Center (RTC) was formed as an entirely new Church with an entirely new, distinct and unique function.

That year, L. Ron Hubbard donated all the trademarks of Dianetics and Scientology to RTC, which was chartered expressly to guarantee the purity of the Scientology religion and the integrity of the use of the powerful technologies of Dianetics and Scientology by ensuring the proper use of these marks. While RTC did not inherit any corporate, ecclesiastical or management function, it was created to meet the need to ensure the standard application of the technology and to eliminate any possibility of Scientology falling into the wrong hands. (See Chapter 23.)

To cope with the new administrative load, July of 1982 saw the establishment of the International Network of Computer Organized Management (INCOMM). Utilizing computer systems based upon Mr. Hubbard’s developments in the field, INCOMM fully computerized international church management to facilitate efficiency of operations and the huge rate of Scientology expansion.

As a result of these changes, the religion began a period of growth unlike any before it. The Scientologists who had purged the GO proved their leadership qualities, and in combination with the newly streamlined and cohesive church structure, preclears began moving far more speedily and confidently to Clear and beyond. The total number of Clears and OTs produced at the Flag Land Base and Advanced Organizations surged.

And as just one more indication of how quickly Scientology was now expanding through the early 1980s, a new Advanced Organization opened in Sydney, Australia.


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