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The president of the National Traditional Healers Association of Southern Africa, Dr. Patience Koloko, after being introduced to The Way to Happiness booklet, immediately started using it and has been conducting a campaign amongst her people for the past several years. Dr. Koloko stated that she has “found this booklet to be of such fundamental grass-roots value in everything that I do that I just have to tell how wonderful it is . . .” She also said, “Personally, I find myself reading and rereading this booklet. It is so small, yet it is so big, its bigness is difficult to describe – somehow when times are dark, and the road is rough, The Way to Happiness somehow opens the door to a way forward.” She uses the booklet with her association’s members, and “the members repeatedly ask for more and more copies of this wonderful booklet.”

And readers of the booklet are in no way limited to those who receive it through schools or hand-distribution. Throughout the United States, tens of thousands of businessmen, executives and other travelers read copies of The Way to Happiness compliments of hotels that provide the booklet in their guest rooms. Upon ordering a stock of books for his guests, one Hilton Hotel manager remarked, “It is obvious that the morals and integrity of a large portion of our population are lacking today. Your book says it simply, as it should be, and hopefully will play on the conscience of many people to realize the need to adjust their lifestyles for a more healthy and vital environment, not only for themselves but for everyone around them.”

For an even more impressive index of the influence of The Way to Happiness booklet, consider Russia, where, just five years after the first printing of its Russian translation, more than 13,000,000 copies had been distributed nationwide, its text also reprinted in Arguments and Facts, one of the most popular Russian newspapers.

“I read lots of literature about the harmful effects of alcohol and various indulgences,” said one reader who wrote to The Way to Happiness Foundation’s Moscow offices, “and now I have The Way to Happiness booklet by L. Ron Hubbard. I have been reading it just about every day and as a result I no longer smoke or drink, my relationships with my wife and four kids totally changed. This book will save our long-suffering people from trouble that is hanging about us.”


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