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CBAA has conducted two very successful nationwide campaigns based on The Way to Happiness: “Set a Good Example” and “Get Drugs off School Grounds.” These consist of two contests, one for individual students who demonstrate how they use the precept “Set a Good Example” in their lives, and one for schools, promoting their efforts to keep drugs off their campuses. More than thirty state governors, along with directors of state alcohol and drug-abuse programs and departments of education in hundreds of communities, have endorsed the “Set a Good Example” contest using The Way to Happiness.

One Ohio school, prior to becoming involved with one of these contests, suffered routine violence, crime and drug abuse among its students and tested well below the average national reading level. After participating in the program for two years, the school was declared drug-free and reading levels had risen well above the national level.

Similar results were found in a middle school in Nashville, Tennessee. Before using The Way to Happiness book in the contest program the school averaged nineteen referrals for fighting and misbehavior to the principal’s office per week. After the Way to Happiness contest was implemented, the principal reported that “We decreased the violence by 70 percent to 80 percent over the school year.”


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