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An independent study of the results of the “Set a Good Example” contest found that 90 percent of teachers whose students participated in the contest reported positive attitude changes in their children. Students were described as more positive and proud of their accomplishments, working together and being more friendly and helpful. The study also found 80.5 percent of the students felt they had learned much from the program, and that 77 percent were using what they learned from The Way to Happiness booklet in their everyday lives.

The Way to Happiness is also reaching into the hearts of cities, where gang violence and street warfare have been a way of life. The simple reading of this booklet has actually brought reform to hundreds of gang members. As a dramatic case in point, in Los Angeles, after hard-core gang members read (or, in some cases, were read to from) The Way to Happiness, they voluntarily removed graffiti from 130 buildings in their neighborhood, while passing out hundreds of copies of the booklet to neighbors.

Many concerned citizens use The Way to Happiness to bring their communities together. Such was the case during and after the 1992 civil unrest in Los Angeles. The Way to Happiness Foundation volunteers passed out hundreds of thousands of copies throughout the city while assisting on food drives and cleanup actions.


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