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Criminon programs work with offenders to help them regain their self-respect and moral values.

“Do you know that there is not a criminal anywhere in any prison who is not a criminal because he was degraded and lost his personal pride?” Mr. Hubbard asked in one of his lectures. “I have done a very thorough cross-check of this – what they call ‘bad women,’ ‘criminal men.’ Their badness and criminality is immediately traceable to a loss of their powers and personal pride, and after that they were ’bad’; they were ’dangerous.’

“If you want to rehabilitate a criminal, just go back and find out when he did lose his personal pride. Rehabilitate that one point and you don’t have a criminal anymore.”

By addressing this point of rehabilitation, people of all faiths and walks of life, through their support of Criminon, are taking effective action to end this repeating cycle of criminality and reform the prison system.


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