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The Program

L. Ron Hubbard made an important discovery more than three decades ago – he conclusively proved that man was basically good. This is in fact nowhere more evident than in our prison population – men who commit wrongful deeds against their fellows want to be caught, which explains why criminals invariably leave clues and make the job of the police that much easier.

What they do not necessarily want, however, is punishment. As all men are basically good, those who err actually seek to be rendered less harmful to society, and they can be rehabilitated.

The key element of the Criminon program is The Way to Happiness Extension Course, based on a booklet of the same name. As the first step toward rehabilitation, this correspondence course is designed to give inmates knowledge of right and wrong conduct. A nonreligious moral code, The Way to Happiness is practical and incisive, and provides fundamental guides to behavior – a vital step, often overlooked in the family life and education of the criminal. Critical values ranging from love and kindness to basics such as hygiene and common courtesy are covered.

Inmates complete practical exercises on this course and mail them in to Criminon staff and volunteer groups of Scientologists around the country who grade the exercises. These staff maintain communication with the inmate and encourage him, and when he finishes the course he receives a certificate from Criminon.


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