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How a Narconon Program Is Started

Individuals interested in pioneering a Narconon program based on Mr. Hubbard’s technology first contact the nearest Narconon center or Narconon International representative for the assistance they need. Narconon International will then provide them all the advice, guidance and materials they will need to commence activities. (Centers and offices are listed in Chapter 42.)

The first step to opening a Narconon is recruiting others interested in working in the field of drug rehabilitation. A willing and able staff is the nucleus of any successful Narconon. These individuals are then trained to deliver the program. Staff training facilities exist to make this as easy as possible.

Narconon International helps obtain suitable premises and ensures that all local regulations and requirements are met. Manuals and other materials are available from Narconon offices to set up and operate one’s own Narconon center and to contact and help those in need of Narconon’s services. Representatives from Narconon International and Narconon’s regional offices assist in all aspects of getting the new center set up and running successfully. They place one in contact with referral agencies that lead to people in need of the program, help locate local sources of funding and provide organizational advice and direction. Donations may be needed for beginning expenses and course materials. In many cases the local community has assisted in donating furnishings, bedding, food and sometimes money to new Narconon programs. Narconon International will give guidance on how to go about obtaining donations for these important prerequisites.


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